Fantastic photography in the Hudson Valley, Berkshires, NYC, Northwest Connecticut.  Weddings, Portraits, Pets, Events. Fine art photography custom-printed for your walls, featuring the beauty of the natural world, landscapes of the Hudson Valley.

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As you see from these images, I have a lifelong love affair with dogs. Above, that's me and my dog Knight, when I was about 4 years old, in Fort Lee, NJ. Below, I'm with collie Chief, then with my last dog, and John Boy, my current pup. I'm so grateful to my father, and the friends who made these photos, which mean so much to me.

Why do I make photographs? To preserve the essence of something happening now in a way that brings joy, to spark our memories later, to show future generations who we are, what and who we love.

What I love to do is photograph you and the beings you love in a way that will be fun and memorable and bring a smile to your face every time you see the images. 

I have loved photographs since I was very little. My father, Irv Docktor, was an artist/illustrator and he used photography to inspire his work. My brothers and I were his models and the photos he made of us are filled with precious memories. We had a darkroom in the house, and I saw the magic of images coming up in a tray of developer when I just a little tyke. The power of photographs as emotional touchstones is what I love about this medium.

My pictures let you relive the energy and emotion, the big events and small wonders, the amazing moments and minor miracles that make up your life. I don't just make your pictures, I tell your story. I know how close to get, when to snap, and when to wait and wait and wait until the essential moment is there.

There is an easy, natural quality to my work that allows what's special about you and your life to shine through. I've been told to specialize more, but I love photographing all facets of life. The people, places, animals, and events you want to hold onto. There's an urgency and importance in doing that. Children grow up, landscapes change, celebrations come to a close…but the pictures will last forever.

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